Michael Sakas

My Personal Site

Welcome to My Site

This is my personal site. In it you will find a collection of things that interest me. I am a profesional software developer. I work on a variety of projects, mainly focused on Windows development. After 18 years of work, the scope of my projects is wide.

There are photos of the family and our acivities. There are links to software development for Web applications I am working on. There is information about past projects I have completed. There is a copy of my resume available.

What's New

Sumisho Computer Systems I finished up a long term contract at Sumisho (SCS) after almost 5 years. To date this was my best contact in terms of technical interest, breadth of technologies and richness of friends and experiences.

McAfee I had a short term contract at McAfee to finish up one of their internal projects.

What's Up Lately

Personal: I am still trying to organize the house after my move. a ton of stuff in boxes, a ton of stff in storage.

Work: Presently searching for a new development contract while working on some personal E-Commerce ideas..

Fun: Cowboys Fan, I managed to aquire 2 tickets for the Cowboys Atlanta games this weekend. I will be at the game.